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Training for all the Family

 Class times are as follows:

Training Classes:

Monday: 18.15 to 19.15 Older puppies and Adult dogs. 

Tuesday:18.15 to 19.15 Older puppies and Adult dogs. 

Wednesday morning: 10.00 to 11.00 and 11.15 to 12.15. Older puppies and Adult dogs.

Wednesday evening: Puppy/Beginners class17.00 to 18.00 (Puppies 10 weeks to 24 weeks. 

Wednesday evening: 18.15 to 19.15. Older puppies and Adult Dogs. 


Agility Classes:

Monday: 10.00 to 11.00 and 16.45 to 18.15 First Classes for 2024 will be on 08/04/2024

Saturday: 10.00 to 12.00. First Class for 2024 will be on 06/04/2024

If you are attending for the first time please read the information below:

We are based in Upper Wield Village and the post code is SO24 9RP.

Can you supple the following information by e mail before your first attendance:

Your Name:

Dogs Name:

DOB of Age:

Dog or Bitch

Inoculation Date: 

Please bring the inoculation document with you on your first attendance.

email address:

Mobile No.:

Do you use WhatsApp:

Class costs are as follows:

6 classes £65, 8 Classes £70, 10 classes £75, 15 classes £90, 20 classes £105, 25 classes £125.

Payment for classes can be as follows:

Cash, on the first night of attendance or Bank Transfer. Please contact us for Bank details.

Please note you are buying classes not weeks, so if you miss a week you do not lose the class.

All training is held in Upper Wield Village at the Training Ground or the Village Hall. (post Code SO24 9RP) 

Parking is always at the village hall even when we are training at the Training Ground. Please do not park in the Bay Marked for the Hall Flat.

Please always clean up after your dog.

If you have any questions please ring me.

Please feel free to come along to any class to watch if you want, or you can do a taster session for £12.

Training4dogs & Mastamariner are recruiting for a New Trainee Dog Trainer.

Please go to the last section of this web site for more information,

You will need to quote the code at the end of the Job Description to prove you have read it.

Training4Dogs started formally in January 2002 and is based on 40 years experience in dog training and care. The first Puppy Socialisation Classes were held at Wield near Alresford in North East Hampshire, these proved very popular and within a short time further Puppy Training Classes and adult Dog Training Classes were added followed by Agility Classes in the Four Marks / Medstead area. Training4dogs was awarded Kennel Club Listed Status in March 2004 allowing us to offer The Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme for the first time. 
Graham Everitt founded Training4dogs after taking early retirement from his role as a Senior Manager in a leading IT consultancy. He recognised the need for a forward looking, family oriented, motivation based dog training school in the Alton, Alresford and North Hampshire area. A school that would encourage new and experienced owners to train with their companions in a relaxed, non-competitive, friendly and fun environment. The emphasis was on creative learning and interactive classes with an full and fulfilling schedule, the curriculum was based on the real needs of companion dog owners rather than a collection of "tricks" gleaned from the world of competitive obedience tests. 
Since its inception Training 4 Dogs has proved to be a outstandingly successful. The first classes were only for puppies and held on a Wednesday afternoon, evening puppy classes were quickly added to cope with a growing waiting list, within a short time demand from puppy owners who wanted to continue with this relaxed and effective approach to training as their puppies grew up saw additional classes laid on to cater for older dogs as well. In the Summer of 2004 Graham took the bold step of expanding Training 4 Dogs to include a full competition quality agility course, it was a gamble that paid off and classes were fully subscribed from the first few weeks, by mid Summer 2004 Training 4 Dogs was running 5 agility classes a week. Search and Tracking classes started in the Winter of 2004 and these too proved to be hugely successful. 2005 saw a huge demand in all classes and led to the decision to acquire our own dedicated Training Ground where further activities could be held on both a regular and ad hoc basis. From the start many of Training 4 Dogs clients have enjoyed private 1-2-1 training sessions mostly in the comfort of their own home and this together with behavioural work remains a significant and growing part of the organisation's work.


A new concept in dog training

Training4dogs, based in the Alton / Alresford area of Hampshire is not a general dog club, it is a professional, family run, family friendly, dog training organisation serving Alton, Alresford and the surrounding Cities, towns and villages as far afield as Portsmouth, Guildford, Andover and Tadley.
Training4dogs provides Puppy socialisation Puppy Parties, General Dog Training, Agility Classes, One to One private Dog Training Lessons and Assessments and a variety of special Master Classes such as Clicker Training, Search Dog Training and Tracking, all run by experienced, qualified, dog loving people for people who love their dogs.
Training4dogs is not just about basic dog training, we are also about having fun for fun's sake and about sharing what our dogs think is fun.
We offer a range of dog training activities that include the canine and human members of the family, these start with Puppy Socialisation Classes ( Puppy Parties ) and progress through the Training4dogs Safe & Sociable Dog Development Programme, graduating through the six levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Pus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus.
For the older puppies and adult dogs there is the opportunity to enjoy learning Dog Agility on our competition quality Agility Equipment with our Agility Club Approved Instructors. We also run Canine Master Classes that teach and practice a particular skill or technique, these include " Clicker " Training, Loose Lead Walking and Coming when Called. We regularly offer courses in other canine activities including Tricks, Circuit Training and an introduction to Working Trials, all our classes are fun and non-competitive. Our Dog Training Classes are usually limited to a maximum of 8 clients (except Puppy Socialisation Puppy Parties where more Puppies or more can be accommodated) and are taught by one or more of our qualified, experienced and fully insured dog trainers often assisted by a trainee trainer. Small classes ensure that everyone gets plenty of personal attention and every opportunity to learn and thrive. Our Puppy Socialisation Puppy Parties, Puppy Classes and Dog Training Classes are active and interactive.

Our Class Structure


Flexible Attendance

We know that everyone is very busy and that it can be difficult to come to the same class every week so we try to be flexible and offer alternatives. Our Fees for both Puppy Socialisation and Dog Training Classes are based on attendance not on a fixed timescale or rigid class allocation. When you book a block of lessons you are buying credits rather than specific classes so you don't have to worry if you can't make one or more classes. If you miss a week you simply carry the credit for that class over and use it another time, we only require that all classes are taken within 6 months of being booked. 
We run Puppy Socialisation Classes and Dog Training Classes in both the morning and evening so if you want to come to an morning session one week and an evening session the next, that's fine! When you book you choose your "regular" class and any time that you want to change classes either just for a week or two or on a permanent basis, let us know and as long as there is a space in the class you want to change to - no problem.
Please note that bookings for special events must be used for the event booked

Classes and Structure

All our classes are run as a rolling programme, so you don't have to wait to enroll at the start of a new term or new set of lessons. You can come along and join us whenever it suits you with no artificially imposed times to join or change class, our classes are designed to offer the best education and socialisation with a clear understanding that all dogs and owner are different and all have a potential to fulfil at their own pace and in their own style.

We keep our dog training classes small to ensure that everyone gets lots of personal attention and that means that we can mix dogs and handlers who are at different stages of learning in the same dog training class. Mixed classes mean that instead of a class of young, excited dogs all with inexperienced handlers we have dog training classes where more experienced dogs set a good example and less experienced handlers have an opportunity to learn from those around them. This also means that, with the exception of very young puppies, who have special learning requirements, we do not set arbitrary entry requirements for different classes based on age groups or dogs who can perform a particular "trick".  This approach ensures that clients can choose classes to suit their time constraints and commitments rather than being forced into a particular time slot.

Our classes follow the curriculum of the Training4dogs Safe & sociable Dog Development Programme which focuses on promoting good social behaviours in both dog and owner and provide the opportunity for dogs and their handlers to take part in formal assessments if they wish to do so.  More important, the programme provides an excellent framework within which dog and handler can progress together in a relaxed, non-competitive but focused and structured fashion.


Puppy Classes

All our classes are run on a rolling programme, so you don't have to wait to enrol your puppy for classes at the start of a new term or new set of lessons. You can come along and join us whenever it suits you and as long as your puppy has had its first inoculation.  This means that new puppies are joining our Puppy Socialisation Classes and older puppies are moving on to our general Training Classes regularly. This movement of puppies is beneficial to puppy socialisation because throughout its time with us your puppy will get to meet a variety of different breeds, types and personalities. Rolling Classes mean that no one need miss out because their puppy is not ready to join us at the start of a fixed "term" or fixed series of lessons, puppies can join the Puppy Class at any time up to 14 or 16 weeks of age and move on to the next stage of their education when they are ready, not at some arbitrary and potentially unsuitable time. 

 In the litter puppies learn the essential skills associated with being a dog, first from their mother and then from their siblings. In the litter puppies learn how to play with other dogs, how to submit and how to assert themselves, how to initiate games and how to stop them, how to take possession and when to relinquish possessions.
In a more natural environment puppies would continue to learn "dog behaviour" through to adulthood however, because puppies are placed in their new homes at 7-8 weeks and because, due to the risk of canine diseases puppies are subjected to a lengthy period of isolation after they go to their new homes, puppies can loose all contact with their own kind for many weeks. In the most extreme cases this isolation can last from 7 weeks until 14 weeks of age, by which time a puppy will have been deprived of canine company and social interaction for half its life.

When a puppy arrives at its new home it has to learn how to live in a human pack, in an ideal world puppies will have been well handled, taught basic manners and learned how to trust people before they go to their new homes. In reality many puppies don't have this level care and even those that do have to learn a whole set of new rules and behaviours that will enable them to fit into their new home.
Our Puppy Classes are informal early learning sessions that meet the needs for young puppies and their owners.

Our Puppy Classes allow puppies to mix and meet happily with other puppies in their own age group. Our Puppy Classes are not a free for all, there are rules and close supervision, Puppies are not left to run loose as a rabble, the idea of allowing puppies to run together as a mob was promoted as "socialisation" some years ago, today it is recognised by every knowledgeable authority and every sensible trainer as dangerous and discredited. Puppies learn nothing from running hysterically as a mob. Canine manners and skills take months to learn, 5 minutes manic behaviour is damaging in terms of development and leads to injuries that can last a lifetime. 
Opportunities to build confidence and maintain canine social skills, they are not opportunities to allow puppies just to run wild, to bully or to be bullied, to terrorise or be terrorised. As well as the social benefits our Puppy Classes are early learning classes. Families learn how to teach their puppies to sit, lie down and come on command. We train using tit-bits and toys and in addition to formal exercises we place a lot of emphasis on handling puppies, grooming, and the use of leadership behaviour to assert authority in the kindest and most effective way. 
Our Puppy Socialisation Classes are covered by our Flexible Attendance scheme and are not subject to arbitrary date or age restrictions, you may join classes as soon as your puppy has had its first inoculation and may carry your classes over into our Adult Classes, if you miss a weekday class you can attend another weekday class instead and you won't be penalised if you miss one or more weeks. If you are unable to attend our Puppy Socialisation Class please call us to discuss bringing you puppy to one of our regular Dog Training Classes, all our Training Classes are suitable for young puppies.

All our regular training classes are focused on socialisation and promoting appropriate inter canine relationships so if your puppy is a little to old for this class it can attend any of our regular classes and still enjoy building socialisation skills.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. My services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your animal. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their pets, come away with every time - guaranteed.



Current Prices

Class Prices: From 01/04/2024
6 classes £65
8 classes £70
10 classes £75
15 classes £90
20 classes £105
25 classes £125
1-2-1 Sessions:
Held at our Training Ground:
60 minute session Mon -Sat 9am - 5pm £40
Each extra 15mins. £5.
GU34 Post Code Area:
60 minute session Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm £45
60 minute session Sun 9am - 5pm £50
Each extra 15mins. £5. 
GU35 & SO 24 Post Code Areas & Basingstoke:
60 minute session Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm £55
Locations outside the above areas prices on application.

Private Sessions on Sundays will be subject to a £10 extra charge.


Class Schedule

Flexible Classes Flexible Attendance


Wednesday Evening Puppy Socialisation Class 
A Special class for the babies. We welcome puppies from the age of 10 weeks up to 16 weeks for simple training, socialisation and fun. This is a no pressure class that enables puppies to maintain socialisation skills with their own kind during this vital development period. All interaction is carefully managed to ensure safety and encourage a positive experience, the class is held in Wield Village Hall each Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:00 with the class lasting 60 minutes. Puppies MUST have had their first inoculations before attending and the inoculation certificate must be presented on the first evening.


Monday Evening Training Class

18:15 - 19:15, Upper Wield Village Hall, General Training,  all levels.

Tuesday Evening Training Class

18:15 - 19:15, Upper Wield Village Hall, General Training, all levels.

Wednesday Day Time and Evening Training Classes 
10:00 - 11:00, Upper Wield Village Hall, General Training, all levels

11:15 - 12:15, Upper Wield Village Hall, General Training, all levels 

17:00 - 18:00, Upper Wield Village Hall, PUPPY CLASS  

18:15 - 19.15, Upper Wield Village Hall, General Training, all levels.

AGILITY (April to October)

Saturday Agility Classes
10:00 - 12:00,  Upper Wield Training Ground, 2 hour open class

Monday Morning and Evening Agility Classes
10:00 - 11:00,

16:45 - 18:15

Wield Training Ground.

Agility Introduction Sessions
Agility introduction sessions take place once a month, each month, throughout the agility season from March to August and consist of an introduction to all agility obstacles for owners and dogs. For Health and Safety and practical reasons, all clients must have attended either a group or private Agility Introduction Session before participating in our agility classes. 


Our Agility Classes

Fun for both Dog & Handler

All our agility training takes place out of doors in a secure fully fenced and gated enclosed area.
Our Agility classes are open to dogs of all breeds and types and we tailor our training and courses to suit dogs of different heights and levels of expertise. Currently we have dogs as varied as Briards and Rottweilers and Miniature Bull Terriers.
Although we are not a competitive agility club our instructors are Agility Club Approved and we do cater for those wanting to improve their competition standard as well as those who want to run a fun round with their pet. All our agility training is fun based and takes place on a grass surface.

Dog agility has been around for nearly 30 years and remains a fast growing dog sport, it can be likened to Show Jumping for dogs and tests the precision, control, technique, confidence and fitness of both dog and handler.
The goal of Dog Agility is for each dog and handler to complete a course of varied obstacles, tackling and clearing each obstacle in the right order without any refusals or faults, doing so results in a "Clear Round", at a competitive level, rounds are completed "against the clock".

About Agility Classes


Dog Agility Classes take place at Wield between Alton & Alresford. All our agility training takes place out of doors in a secure fully fenced and gated enclosed area.
Our Agility classes are open to dogs of all breeds and types and we tailor our training and courses to suit dogs of different heights and levels of expertise. Currently we have dogs as varied as Briards and Rottweilers and Miniature Bull Terriers.

Although we are not a competitive agility club our instructors are Agility Club Approved and we do cater for those wanting to improve their competition standard as well as those who want to run a fun round with their pet. All our agility training is fun based and takes place on a grass surface.

Dog agility has been around for nearly 30 years and remains a fast growing dog sport, it can be likened to Show Jumping for dogs and tests the precision, control, technique, confidence and fitness of both dog and handler.

The goal of Dog Agility is for each dog and handler to complete a course of varied obstacles, tackling and clearing each obstacle in the right order without any refusals or faults, doing so results in a "Clear Round", at a competitive level, rounds are completed "against the clock".

We run regular "Introduction to Agility" sessions, these are two hour sessions which offer beginners or those with little experience an opportunity to to enjoy a safe, carefully tutored and lighthearted introduction to Agility. The sessions provide an introduction to all the obstacles and enables dogs and handlers to try their hand at this great sport in a safe and relaxed environment under the tutorage of fully qualified, insured and Agility Club Approved Instructors.

The Jumps

For older puppies and some reluctant dogs jumps are set at ground level between the wings to allow the dog to gain confidence, this also allows puppies to learn the basics without any physical strain. Jumps are set low for young dogs or dogs of smaller breeds, as a general rule we usually practice with the jumps set low to avoid repetitive impact injuries if the ground is hard. Jumps include wing jumps (small show jumps), the Long Jump and the Tyre.


There are two types of tunnel used in Agility, the rigid tunnel or pipe tunnel is a semi rigid tube that can be bent into a variety of shapes and laid on its own or used under or around other obstacles. The floppy tunnel or flexible tunnel consists of a rigid entrance hole and a fabric chute through which the dog must push its way to exit from the tunnel.


The Contacts test control, these obstacles have "contacts" or touch points that the dog must touch in order to "clear" the obstacle, failing to touch the contacts will incur faults. The contacts are painted a different (lighter) colour. The main Contacts are the A-Frame, the SeeSaw and the Dog walk. 

The Weave

The weave is a line of vertical poles which the dog must enter from the correct side (1st pole to its left shoulder) and through which the dog must weave without missing any poles. This obstacle demands precision and control, it can also place strain on the spine, for this reason we don't use the weave with the younger dogs and don't use it repetitively even with the older dogs.


One to One Training

Personal Training for You & Your Dog

Many dog owners prefer the convenience, flexibility and focus afforded of one to one private dog training lessons, we offer flexible, individually tailored and reasonably priced 1-2-1 Private Dog Training.
Private dog training lesson are an effective way to train your dog and certainly the best means to address specific dog training needs or to correct particular dog training problems such as pulling on the lead, failing to come when called, jumping up etc.
Where owners have a recently acquired rescue dog, a single one to one dog training session will provide an assessment of the dogs character and temperament, effectively highlighting areas of potential difficulty and enabling a formal training programme to be recommended either privately or within the weekly dog training class structure.
For owners for whom time is at a premium the advantages of being able to schedule dog training at a convenient time in their own homes are obvious. 

Private dog training lessons allow owners to work more intensively with their dogs without the distraction of other dogs and handlers. Private lessons are a way of accelerating the training process and allow a greater focus on the individual aptitude of the dog and owner with improved results. It is a fact that most "behavioural" problems are in essence training problems and those behaviours that do stem from deeper temperament or character traits will usually need to be manage through training, our 1-2-1 lessons address both behaviour and training. 

We require older puppies or adult dogs to be be assessed at a Private 1-2-1 assessment before they are admitted to may be introduced into our general Dog Training Classes.

We offer 1-2-1 or group agility introduction and training classes for those who prefer to have a more personal experience or who prefer to pick their own training time table.


Behavioural Work

Bad Behaviours

Problems mean different things to different people, some owners find it very difficult to live with an aspect of their pet's behaviour that other owners may be untroubled by or even find endearing. In recent years there has been an increasing lack of tolerance towards the behaviour of dogs whilst at the same time the opportunities for learning good social behaviour have been limited by attitudes and by legislation. At one time a dog could go anywhere that its owner went, including food shops and restaurants, in much of Europe this remains the case but in the UK dogs are now banned from most shops and many shopping centres, they are unwelcome on some beaches, in many hotels, in some parks and recreational areas and on some parts of the public transport network. Whereas at one time dogs learned to take everyday life in their stride today they may only be exposed to a limited number of experiences and a limited number of people. Early socialisation gives the best opportunity for dogs to learn that the world around them is a normal place full of normal things performing in a normal way. However many puppies never get to be properly socialised and in the case of rescue or second hand dogs earlier experiences may be mainly negative. It is also a fact of modern life that many families are out for much of the day and some dogs are left for several hours at a time, this can lead to boredom and anxiety which can result in barking and destructive behaviour. Lack of socialisation or nervousness can lead precipitate aggressive or inappropriate behaviour towards other dogs to towards people, at one time dogs were deemed in law to be entitled to retaliate against bad handling, teasing etc. and it was generally accepted that a dog was allowed "one bite", today dogs have to be and be seen to be whiter than white regardless of incitement, poor treatment and teasing.
What We Can Do To Help
Graham Everitt is an qualified and experienced behaviourist he deals routinely with amongst others, all the behaviours discussed above. It is wrong to think in terms of good or bad dogs, dogs like people are multi-faceted and what we are really talking about is dogs who exhibit inappropriate or wanted behaviours. A dog that shows aggression to other dogs on a walk may be delight at home and a wonderful member of the family, it is just one aspect of the dog's behaviour that causes concern and the careful application of specific training techniques can usually address the issue. Some "problems" are breed specific and are behaviours that were originally desirable but which are now misplaced in the context of family life or the contemporary world, for example some breeds have a highly developed chase instinct which is well adapted to assisting in the management of livestock but potentially dangerous in the context of traffic. Some breeds have a strong guarding instinct which is valuable in the context of a security role but may be inappropriate in the context of an urban garden, some herding breeds have been bred to bark as a part of the their driving behaviour, this may be wholly appropriate out in the remote country side but far from acceptable in a flat.

About T4D S&SDDP

Training4dogs Safe & Sociable Dog Development Programme

In the past most dog training clubs were run mainly by enthusiasts of competitive obedience, working trials or other competitive canine pastimes and the training they offered was based on teaching a few "exercises" to a very high standard. Today there is recognition that most dog owners would like to have a well rounded, sociable, responsive, reliable and well behaved pet, rather than just a dog that is "programmed" to obey a few commands but may be lacking in other areas. In response to this need The Kennel Club assembled a test called the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, this was designed to test basic obedience, tolerance and good manners. 
The KCGCDS as it was known proved very popular not least because it gave dog owners realistic and useful targets to aim for and a standard against which to compare themselves rather than just attending general training classes. The test was so well received that The Kennel Club introduced further more demanding tests and redesigned the scheme to offer Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, this revised scheme is called the GCDS (Good Citizen Dog Scheme). 

Training4dogs has decided to no longer offer the KCGCDS, we felt the tests were not as relevant as they used to be. We have therefore created our own programme of training which we feel better reflects what our clients want and also will offer more advanced levels for owners and dogs to achieve.

This we have called;

Training4dogs Safe & Sociable Dog Development Programme.

It will have 6 levels from Bronze to Platinum Plus.

We are still developing the higher levels but the first 3 levels are as follows:


Bronze Level Exercises: 

  1. Cleanliness and Identification, Examination Collar & Lead/ Harness

  2. Examination of the Dog and Grooming

  3. Control at Gate

  4. Road Walk on Lead (No Crossings)

  5. Vehicle Control

  6. Walk Amongst People and Dogs

  7. Controlled Greeting No food Distraction

  8. Recall

  9. Food Control

  10. Responsibility and Care


Silver Level Exercises:

  1. Road Walk with Road Crossings

  2. Recall (with a wait)

  3. Stay on Lead for one Minute

  4. Come away from Distractions

  5. Static Change of Positions Sit, Down, and Stand.

  6. Controlled Greeting with food Distraction

  7. Examination of the Dog by Examiner

  8. Play with a Toy With a Release Command

  9. Control at Gate Off Lead

  10. Responsibility and Care


Gold Level:

  1. Road Walk with Change of Pace and crossings

  2. Recall to Handler’s Side from free running or 

  3. Followed By Off Lead Heal Work about 40 paces with right and left turn (No Distraction)

  4. Stay for two Minutes

  5. Send the Dog to Bed

  6. Stop the Dog any Positionand any Direction

  7. Temptation Ally on Lead

  8. Seek & Find using owners treat or toy

  9. Controlled Greeting between two handlers and dogs

  10. Responsibility and Care

 Gold Plus:

  1. Off Lead Heal work with Distractions (60+ paces right and left turn, weave through Cones.

  2. Recall with Distractions.

  3. Send the Dog to a Hoop or Bed, and then Redirect to Left or Right on to another Hoop or Bed.

  4. Down Stay for 1 minute with Distractions.

  5. Seek & Find using Examiners Treat or Toy

  6. Send the dog through an Agility Tunnel to Bed

  7. Positions on the move.

  8. Stop the dog before a Line either going away or going towards the Handler.

  9. Come away from Distractions through a Temptation Ally.

  10. Responsibility and Care.

Our Location

Training 4 dogs is centered in the delightful and picturesque village of Upper Wield in North East Hampshire. 
Wield Village Hall is the main venue for our indoor training and we have our own private Training Ground less than 50 yards from Wield Village Hall this combination has enabled us to centre all our activities in this delightful rural spot. We are easy to find and very conveniently located for dog owners in Alton, Alresford, Bordon, Basingstoke, Medstead, Preston Candover and Dummer, that said we attract clients to our regular weekly classes from as far afield as Andover, Farnborough, Guildford and Portsmouth.

By car, Upper Wield is approximately 15 minutes from the A303, 15 minutes from Alresford, 20 minutes from Basingstoke, 20 minutes from Alton and 10 minutes from the A31 at Four Marks.

Upper Wield Village Hall has ample parking for clients and can also be used for parking for our agility classes held at our Training Ground. Please note that there is no parking at the Training Ground and unless we advise otherwise clients should park in the Village Hall Car Park.

Wield Village Hall or Training Ground
Upper Wield 
Nr Alresford 
SO24 9RP


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Dates for 2022

Come Work For Training4dogs and Mastamariner

Please note that this is a live in position.

To apply Email;

Include in your email a covering letter, your CV and at least two references, these must be of a professional nature, either past employers, college or school teachers, email addresses must be a company or organisation email. We do not accept personal references.

Looking for work experience to start your animal based career?

Want to build on your existing animal care skill set?

Working with Dogs in an ethical family environment - your dream?

Learned the theory and looking for practical experience?

Need practical experience to break into the animal care industry?


LIVE THE DREAM, join us and our friendly family of dogs at one of the countries most respected Training & Breeding Establishments and be part of the the full “Living with Dogs Experience”.


To see more visit our websites and visit our Facebook Pages


Applying for our position; (VERY IMPORTANT READ THIS FIRST)

  • CVs MUST be accompanied by at least two references. References must include telephone numbers, postal addresses and email addresses at which references can be contacted.

  • Referee's emails must be an email address originating from the institution that the referee represents (i.e. not a hotmail, gmail or other personal or social account).

  • References must include either previous Employers or Form Teachers from school or college.

  • Applications without references will not be considered.



Candidates must include a Cover Letter that tells us; why you want to join us, which demonstrates your interest in dogs and explains what you think makes you suitable to be part of our team.

Preference will be given to candidates with

  • a practical animal care background and education

  • degrees in an animal related subject

  • these who are able to demonstrate that they have practical formal animal care experience,

  • those with a demonstrable interest in working with and caring for dogs.


We are a team of dedicated dog lovers who make a real difference to the lives of dogs and the lives our clients, whether it is a midnight dash to the vet to deliver a new generation of wagging tails or exploring new ideas and technologies to take canine care to the next level of excellence, we are at the forefront of making life better for dogs and their families.


We are looking for a Trainee Dog Trainer, Dog Care and Breeding Assistant to join our high functioning, dedicated, enthusiastic team, living in a unique canine-centred household situated in the heart of the English countryside.

This is a Domestic Position living in our home where you will be treated as one of the family, sharing in our work and leisure activities with all household expenses, food and accommodation and unlimited WiFi included.


We are a Five Star Rated breeding establishment Licensed (under the animal welfare regulations 2018).


You will;

  • have wide-ranging responsibilities helping with the welfare and training of our dogs

  • assist with every aspect of the day to day care our dogs

  • be involved in all aspects of breeding and rearing the next generation of friendly family dogs

  • be joining a family team which will include one or two other Dog Carers and additional international volunteers

  • live-in as part of the family

  • have your own room within the family home or in one of our cabins

  • be given full training and support

  • learn a wide variety of dog training techniques

  • learn and practice canine care, welfare and management

  • be working and living with a wide variety of dogs.

  • attend classes and train dogs from puppy socialisation classes through to KCGCDS/Pet Code Gold standard.

  • take part in agility classes and other canine related activities.

  • assist as required with our busy and successful Dog Training Organisation and Canine Behavioural Consultancy

  • learn elements of business administration, including procedures and record keeping

  • have the opportunity to progress to instructing dog training classes and deputising for the dog trainer as necessary

  • have a formal and managed training plan

  • be given the opportunity to gain a bona fide certification of competence (Canine Care, Breeding and Management) on completion of training with satisfactory outcomes


The Work

  • To understand and love all our dogs, devoting time and effort to their wellbeing and happiness and enabling them to fulfil their potential

  • Assist with the daily care of our dogs

  • All aspects of welfare such as feeding, exercise, grooming, environmental hygiene, etc

  • Groom and bath dogs as required

  • Assisting with matings, whelpings and neonatal care

  • Assist during visits to the vet, etc.

  • Administering prescribed drugs to dogs as directed

  • Assisting with first aid and the treatment of minor ailments

  • Care of elderly dogs, neonates and young puppies.

  • Dog training and canine socialisation

  • Working dogs and puppies through BIPDT / KCGCDS tests

  • Learning to train dogs for agility (non competitive)

  • Assist in keeping records of activities, health, breeding and welfare

  • Helping receive visitors, taking messages, enquiries and queries

  • There is no kennel work, all our dogs live with us in our family home



  • Must have a genuine love for dogs and be devoted to their wellbeing, safety, comfort and happiness.

  • Must be presentable, hygienic, sociable and flexible.

  • Must be happy to walk in all weathers! All our dogs are walked daily, and you should expect to walk a minimum of 6 and sometimes 8-9 miles a day.

  • Should enjoy being active, spending much of the day outdoors and living in the countryside.

  • Must have relevant formal experience and qualifications, a track record demonstrating a genuine interest in and love for, dogs and (animals in general) is essential.


This position would be suitable for;

  • Those with qualifications in animal care and management who are seeking practical experience in the workplace

  • Those seeking to establish a foothold in the animal industry

  • Those seeking to gain experience in animal care and training


Note that;


  • A driving licence and ownership of a car is not required


About the job;

  • 5 working days a week with two days off in seven

  • Days off are not fixed and will vary from week to week

  • Daily hours will vary but are typically 35 per week 

  • Work starts at 07:00 and typically finishes at around16:00 with breaks during the day

  • There may be occasional home sitting and emergency cover

  • All living expenses are met by the employer

  • The position is strictly live-in

Employer Covers all living costs ( Accommodation, & Utilities Etc.) and pays the minimum wage according to age.

There will be a  review annual if contract extended.

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